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  • In your 3-day meal plan you will receive a play by play practice to reset and refresh your mind and body with healthy ingredients and nutrient dense foods. With no sugar, gluten, or dairy, all recipes are created to be extraordinary, delicious, and healthy without being difficult or daunting. Each meal plan takes into account the fact that we are all busy people and time is one of our most precious commodities. This is why we have prepared a “double your pleasure” methodology, combining prepared sauces and ingredients in more than one dish so there is no wasted food or time, only clean eating and happy bodies.

    • Feel re-energized, revived, and refreshed

    • Improve your energy and gut flora for a mindbody restart

    • Learn to eat like you have a private chef (the dream)

    • Be more confident in the kitchen. Once you get the hang of it, you can start freestyling with creativity, reusing prepared items in different dishes.

    • Start having fun with food that is delicious and healthy

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