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10 crimini mushrooms
1 coconut
2-3 heaping teaspoons of grated ginger (approx. 1.5 inches of whole ginger)
3 tablespoons lime juice
2 ½ tablespoons fish sauce
2 ½ tablespoons toasted sesame oil
1 package of harusame or bean thread noodles (approx. 100 grams)
1 carrot
1 cucumber
1 cup of chopped spinach
⅓ cup diced cilantro
2 tablespoons of diced sweet thai basil
1 ½ avocados
1 package of 8 ½ inch Salad roll wrappers


1. Cut the top off of the coconut, drain milk and scoop out meat.
2. Dice mushrooms and coconut meat into small pieces.
3. Boil 4 cups of water.
4. Once the water is boiling, turn off heat and soak noodles until the noodles are cooked, strain and rinse with cold water and let dry.
5. Add the ginger, lime juice, fish sauce, and toasted sesame oil to a bowl with coconut and mushrooms.
6. Peel the carrot skin off, then continue to peel the rest of the carrot into thin slices.
7. Peel the outside of the cucumber and continue to peel pieces until you reach the fleshy inside.
8. Put the strained noodles into the bowl and cut into smaller pieces with scissors.
9. Stir all ingredients together and add more sesame, lime, or fish sauce to taste.
10. Cut the avocado into thin pieces.
11. Chop spinach into thin strips.

A good workable surface for rolling is a moistened paper towel so the rice paper does not get stuck to the surface.
1. Put warm water onto a plate and allow rice paper to sit for 5-7 seconds. It should soften and be pliable when ready to use.
2. Put a small handful of carrots and cucumbers, a few pieces of thinly sliced avocado, a small handful of spinach, some of the noodle mixture down the middle of the wrap and roll.
3. Fold the corners in to hold the contents inside.

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